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A letter From Our Owner

istock_000014550623small.jpg - 508.85 KbWhen you first look at Angel Homecare you must wonder are they just like all the other agencies and if not why are they different?

Let me tell you a story that started some 19 years ago. It’s hard to imagine that so many years have passed but there is not denying that. They have been the most rewarding and yet the most challenging of my career. I started out just like any other person wondering what I would be when I grew up. I knew at an early age that I really liked people especially the elderly.  I remember at age 15 I cut my foot on an outside sprinkler and it was bleeding bad enough that it really scared me. I made a promise that if I didn’t bleed to death (yes I was a little dramatic back then) I would devote my life to helping others. My life was spared and I proceeded on life’s path.

I went on and became a certified nursing assistant while supporting myself through college studying nursing. It was very challenging to attend college full time and work full time but I loved everything about it. The only way I can sum it all up is to say I knew it was what I was made to do.  I graduated and became a registered nurse. I was so proud of myself I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. It was all worth it. Remember when nurses wore the white caps and their white uniforms well that was me. I still have a picture of that and of course I was having a bad hair day.

I can remember my first year working as a registered nurse a patient actually asked me “are you old enough to be doing this?" I laughed.

I went on to work in Oncology and had the most amazing families and patients anyone could ever imagine. These families were going through so much and yet they always made sure to show their appreciation for the care and compassion I gave to their loved ones. I will always have a special place in my heart for each of them. In writing this it brings some tears to my eyes because I remember them like it was yesterday. I still have a hand made pot holder given to me during that time. It really brings it all home when you can look back at your footprints and see who touched you and who you touched. I really believe I was chosen to be a nurse because I am emotionally committed. It takes more than skills and knowledge and a license it takes complete selflessness. It’s hard sometimes to let go.

In the years following I worked in various health care settings and learned from all how to be a better person and a better nurse.

But I found my love in Home Care. It wasn’t the hours, or the pay it was the people. They opened up their hearts and homes to me. I would find myself going by their homes on my day off and just stopping by to say hello. It is hard not to get attached when they depend on your ability to help them stay well and independent.

Angel Homecare was more than a thought or a business venture to me. It started with the name. My love for Angels and the fact that they are our guardians could be why I chose it.  Angel Homecare is my family. It is all the efforts of the most amazing people you would ever meet. It is surrounded with generous and loyal staff. I have nothing but pride when I think about my humble beginnings and where we are now.  I have always been true to myself but most of all honest. I may be behind a desk today but I still am the same nurse and my expectations are the same of my staff. Every phone call and every person I speak with who needs our help is someone‘s parent, grand parent, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, child or friend and they deserve the same as yours.

I felt it was important to tell you more about who is behind Angel Homecare. If we have the pleasure of caring for you or your loved one you can expect nothing less than what is contained in this letter.



A Great Gift To Us

"Just a note to let you know how pleased we were when Leanne came to my home to help care for my husband and help me also.  We just love her and realized I should write a note to let you know.  We are assisted living, but really miss our home.  We are so happy we crossed paths with Angel.  You are a great gift to us."

Josephine T., Andover, MA                                                                             

Appreciate The Kind Care

"I want you to know that I appreciate the kind care that your staff is giving my mother.  She appreciates all that is done for her."

Thank you again,
Melissa A, Lowell, MA